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We’ve chosen our low-impact cotton, lace, bamboo and activewear fabrics for comfort and performance. When something’s that close to your skin, it’s got a lot of work to do.

Ethical Cotton

All of our clothing and sleepwear is made from ethically produced cotton that’s better for the planet and for the people who grow it. That’s not all, though. Whether it’s our slouchy American fleeceback sweats, a classic T-shirt or our wear-all-day pyjamas, this lightweight cotton’s guaranteed to keep you comfortable. 


Bamboo is one of the most regenerative plant fibres on the planet. So it’s a pretty solid choice when it comes to making clothes. But it’s also great in terms of its skin-soothing qualities. It’s lightweight and breathable, moisture-wicking and soft, so you can wear it for just about anything and your skin will love it. 

Recycled polyester

This needs no intro. The most sustainable materials around are the ones we’ve already created. So we’ve chosen recycled polyester blends for our activewear that are designed to stretch, support and move with your body while you work out. Or just nip to the coffee shop.

Recycled Italian lace & point d’esprit

As above, why create more material when there’s a whole load of gorgeous fabric out there that would otherwise go to waste? We use recycled Italian lace and point d’esprit which is delicate, light as air and way too beautiful for landfill!

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