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Connection is a powerful thing

It's a fibre of our ‘golden thread’ tying us to something bigger than ourselves. Something that’s rooted in support and positive momentum. So we’re growing a network of spirited creatives and newcomers to breathe life, soul and hope into everything Peachaus is and does. 

Jess Hartley - Printed Textile Designer: Peachaus performancewear

Creative Director of Chiswick-based studio Jessica Hartley Creative, Jess’s bold blooms feature in her printed textile designs for our selected performance pieces.  

Also a Colour and Trend Consultant to global brands and mother to two young girls, Jess works to cultivate a balance between her artistic practice and family life. Fifteen years of travel and cultural exploration as Head of Print, Trend and Colour at Accessorize and Monsoon left a legacy that’s evident in her work. And with Kew Gardens close to her home, Jess is constantly inspired by the beauty of nature and the botanical world.  

She draws inspiration from the vibrant textile traditions of Asia and India, first rendering her ideas by hand, then transforming them into digital artworks used by interior design studios and fashion labels in the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia.

Daniel Junsei: Artist, graphic designer, creative: Peachaus branding

Dan, London-based artist, graphic designer, branding expert and art/creative director for more than two decades, worked with us to create our iconic branding, including the Peachaus monikor and seal. Referencing motifs from Japanese art traditions, the peach blossoms, birds and Kumo—distinctive swirling clouds—rendered to echo woodblock prints, the seal represents connection, innovation, or change, and hope. 

Dan’s work links underground and mainstream cultures, offering up unconventional sources of inspiration and diverse creative outputs, from live painting at Whitechapel Art Gallery to developing exhibitions themed on the environment to djing at the V&A and performing in the depths of a white birch forest in northern Japan. He seeks richness in his life experiences in order to contribute to a more creative, harmonious world. 

Ian Thomspon - Artist and ceramicist: Peachaus Ltd Edition candle and swing tickets

Splitting his time between his workshop in Elne, France, and his London studio, British ceramicist and artist Ian Thompson uses his craft to explore themes of human identity, individuality and the tension between vulnerability and strength. He works with throwing and painting techniques inspired by Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Greek Archaic traditions.

For Ian, the mental and physical presence required for both is one of the most rewarding elements of his practice, grounding him in self-awareness while balancing the qualities of harmony, confidence, concentration and relaxation.

He worked with Peachaus to create 100 Limited Edition candle jars, each hand-painted with a floral and bird motif reminiscent of Japanese artworks, referencing the peach blossoms and Australian swallow that form part of our seal and wider creative inspiration. Ian also collaborated with us to create a seasonal swing ticket that can be kept and treasured, and he provided us with original paintings for our website banners.

* Our X Ian Thompson Candle will be shoppable in store. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when it arrives.

Jayne Goulding - Embroidery Designer: Peachaus embroidery

Jayne creates captivating embroidery designs from her Bristol loft studio, collaborating and consulting with international high-end and high-street fashion labels and textile manufacturers to translate and produce her embroidery designs and fabric concepts. She has over 20 years’ experience in the fashion and textile industry, as both a product designer and within embroidery and textiles. She uses exploratory techniques that combine hand-drawn sketches and artworks, digital machine embroidery, hand-guided embroidery and fabric manipulation to innovate and invigorate her practice.  

Jayne’s children, travel, art, colour and flowers are a constant source of inspiration. But, more recently, she’s felt compelled to find and focus on moments of stillness in nature. The peach blossoms captured in her designs for Peachaus are a reflection of this. She helped us create the iconic embroidered motifs for our launch, a merging of strength and softness, symbolic of renewal and hope.

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