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Peachaus Life: Optimism

Peachaus Life: Optimism
The start of the year always seems to pass impossibly quickly. We’ve somehow already arrived at May and into new unchartered territory, some of it frightening. But as we move through spring towards the long days of summer, there’s also a sense of optimism, growth and a slowing of the pace of life with the extra light in our days.

Throughout May, the temperate world’s meadows welcome a kaleidoscope of wildflowers. A brilliant sea of colour after months of greys and browns. And, since our palette sets the tone for our beautiful product, we are also embarking on an exploration of colour this month. We've delved into the Mood of Colour and its social significance over the centuries. And we’ve caught up with Peachaus Design Director, Sophie Morganthaler, to learn about how colour informs her creative process—peach, of course, being key.  

It’s thought that May takes its name from the Roman goddess Maia—charged with keeping watch over sapling plants as they take root and grow. By happy coincidence, we’ve interviewed England cricketer Maia Bouchier this month, who shares her thoughts on the importance of normalising young girls’ professional ambitions in a male-dominated sport. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing Jay McGregor and Jodie Bryant, two bright talents who’ll be helping us spread a little hope, good news and new music during these uncertain times. Music is such a potent force for expression and escapism. It can also be an anchor with which to ground ourselves. So, we’ll be sharing another Peachaus Radio playlist for the month ahead, inspired by a mood of optimism.  

As we settle into a new rhythm, we can pause to recharge. And, just in time, we've released a beautiful organic-cotton sleepwear collection to make the most of quiet moments. 

May Day marks the first day of summer. It has been celebrated for millennia in the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane and the Roman celebration, Floralia. It's the transitional point between dark and light and a recognition of the return of life. So, we’re heading into May, dipping our toes into the first days of summer, with a sunny outlook.   

Sophie x 

Peachaus Life  

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