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A Note From Gilly - Transformation

A Note From Gilly - Transformation

It's pretty hard to believe that, in one short month, we’ve launched our new summer range, introduced our Fuller Cup Collection and made our very first in-person appearances at the Spirit of Summer Fair and Sook—our week-long pop-up shop down on South Molton Street. I’m writing this from our little till point there, as it happens!   It feels so fantastic to have a space that lets all of our beautiful products sing together. And I can happily say that customers have been absolutely loving what we’ve created, especially once they’ve been able to get their hands on it—to see all the extra little details up close and feel how light and delicate everything is. It can be really hard to convey how good something feels through images and words online. But as soon as people touch our gorgeous lacy undies and feel the quality of our cotton, they’re blown away, especially when we tell them it’s all made out of sustainable materials in gold-standard factories. To add to that, not one person who’s tried on one of our new Fuller Cup bras has left the store without it. The fit is really that good! 

These pop-ups have also given us a chance to test out a few low-key Peachaus events; something we really want to build on as we grow. As I'm writing this, we’re about to collaborate with Filth Florist on a floral giveaway and we’re joining forces with Good Stretch studio to offer a wellness event to a lucky few later this week; all part of our wider mission to bring something beautiful into our customers’ everyday lives. We don’t just want people to buy from Peachaus, we want people to connect with us.  

So, our June theme has been ‘Transformation’, and it feels to me as though we’ve made a very real—albeit a toe in the water—transition from digital store to real-life retail experience. And, honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled to put our product and our personality out there into the world.   Sign up to our newsletter for more Peachaus IRL events and news!... 


Gilly x 


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