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Peachaus Life: New beginnings

Peachaus Life: New beginnings

January had been pencilled as Peachaus’ launch month. But it feels fitting that we release our first collection as spring starts to stir. March brings with it the promise of an end to winter’s gloom and even the pandemic is beginning to loosen its hold. The world is coming back to life and colour again, and we’re reminded of the uplifting power of renewal.  

Blossoms are opening on the cherry and almond trees just as they’re being brought to life through the intricate embroideries on our pieces, and swallows will begin their bi-annual migrations next month as we launch a collection that pays homage to these beautiful birds—symbol of adventurous souls. So, there seems to be a sweet synchronicity to how things have worked out.  

Spring’s a great mood lifter, and that feels important right now. Negativity has dominated the past two years and many people have stopped watching the news because of the mental health implications of hearing nothing but ‘doom and gloom’ day in, day out. But there have also been so many stories of hope and awe-inspiring humanity. It’s just that these are easily overlooked in the face of a global dilemma, and we’re at the confluence of more than one right now.  

So, as we launch, we’re setting a new tone. 

Peachaus Life is a space that we’ve dedicated to amplifying voices of hope and inviting open, honest and caring conversations between us, our collaborators and you, our people. It’s here to offer a bright little refuge—a dose of what’s good in the world and a reminder that there’s always beauty to be found if you can make a little space to see it. 

We’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with some vividly talented people to bring this brand to life, some of whom we’ll be introducing you to this month, including Dan Junsei who has been pivotal to the creation of Peachaus’ branding. We’ll be hearing Founder Gillian’s insights on why Peachaus had to happen now, and we’ll be opening the doors to one of our partner factories in Portugal to spotlight the amazing work that the team is doing there. And through a series of uplifting films, interviews and discoveries, we’ll be firmly planting the seed of hope.  

So, welcome! We’d love to hear your thoughts on hope and why it’s more important now than ever to believe in it.  

Sophie x

Peachaus Life 


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