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Introducing our Icons

Introducing our Icons

Peachaus' Design Director, Sophie Morgenthaler, shares her inspirations for our first collection of Icons.

"Our icons are an edited collection of ethically produced keepsake styles that capture the spirit of optimism in which Peachaus is rooted."
"Each piece is designed to be an easy-to-wear marriage of superior quality, sustainability, style and comfort. We’ve chosen to amplify the details in some cases, because we felt strongly for the motifs and the feeling of optimism that they bring."
"We worked with incredible creatives, embroidery designer Jayne Goulding and print designer Jess Hartley to bring our vibrant vision for our Icons to life."
"It had to be the Australian swallow and the peach blossom. These are our symbols—for hope, renewal and rebirth—and they’ll carry through the seasons in different guises."
"Launching with this bright and brave palette felt right for both our brand and the time of year, spring. There’s something so optimistic about these colours, and that felt really important in the spirit of what we’re doing."
"Nothing is over-designed or under-considered. Each Icon from our ethical underwear and clothing collection is sustainably crafted for longevity and purpose. They offer subtle details, elevated comfort and a fluid fit to work with across different body types."
"We want these, and every other Peachaus piece, to form the foundations of any wardrobe. They can be layered and styled with the rest of our collection to create unique, self-expressive looks."

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