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Gilly: Now is exactly the right time for Peachaus

Gilly: Now is exactly the right time for Peachaus
Hello! I’m Gilly, CEO & Founder of Peachaus, a brand that I am beyond proud to be introducing to the world. To anyone coming to us for the first time, whatever it is that brought you here, welcome.

Bringing Peachaus to life has been a big personal milestone for me. Of course, I’ve always loved beautifully considered design that’s anchored by ethical production practices, and I wanted to build a brand that centred on really great product. But for a long time, I’ve also felt I have a duty to do something deeply purposeful.

Recently, I asked myself, “Is this the right time to launch a new fashion business when things appear to be so unstable and challenging?”. But I’m reassured by a belief that a brand that truly stands for something good can change our world for the better, and I want to use this platform to do just that.  

So, yes. I think that now is exactly the right time for Peachaus to take flight. We are an ethical underwear and lifestyle brand with a bigger purpose; to “ignite the power of we” and, in doing so, to create positive change and happiness.

We’re on a mission to give hope a place to blossom through collaboration, giving back to our wider communities and honouring those actions—big or small—that allow us to embrace who we really are. We want each and every person who touches Peachaus to feel connected to something bigger; through our beautiful clothes and how they make you feel and through the content we’re creating to inspire and empower you.

We are so excited to have you with us on this journey. We want you to be as much a part of the brand as we, the day-to-day team involved in its creation, are. And we’ll be inviting feedback and collaboration as we move forwards.

We have bold, exciting plans, and we’re full of confidence that we can bring them to life. So, stay with us as we grow. We look forward to welcoming you back again and again. 

Thanks for your support.

Gilly x  

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