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We’re on a journey to help build a positive fashion system that gives back more than it takes. We’ve chosen our materials, partners—Portugal’s a world leader in ethical fashion production—and philanthropic path wisely.

Our clothes are made from low-impact recycled and ethically grown yarns, manufactured in state-of-the-art factories with superb green credentials, and designed to last. That should go without saying, really. 

Where we think we’re a little bit special is in how we look after our fellow humans. For starters…

Supporting communities

We’re lending our skills and experience to Behind Bras, a scheme run by the brilliant Barbara Burton—one of the most inspirational women we’ve ever met. It helps up-skill female ex-offenders so that, once they reenter the world, they have the necessary skills to find meaningful work and build back their lives and self-esteem.

Advocating for a better fashion system

We’re getting the ball rolling on building a better fashion system, but it’s young people who’ll transform the industry—both as designers and consumers. So, we’re visiting schools and colleges to share our knowledge of Circular Design and to raise awareness about the harms of fast fashion so that the next generation can make, shop and live more consciously.

Mentoring rising talent

Speaking of graduates, did you know that Lucy, our junior designer, was fresh out of university when she launched her first-ever sleepwear collection with us? Now she’s an essential part of the Peachaus team. And we’re mentoring other bright young creatives so that we can help give them the same headstart. Up-and-comers shouldn’t have to work for free or just make the tea. 

It’s no small thing to change an industry, and we’re not there yet. But we’re pretty determined!

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