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Your body, your mood, your fit. Simple!

Ever wonder why your bra size can be different depending on who you shop with? That’s because the old, archaic bra sizing conventions don’t mean a thing to modern women. They’re based on pattern-cutting measurements, not real bodies.  

But we all know our regular dress size. So, we’ve made things a whole lot simpler: Your band size is your dress size, and your cup size is the measurement around the fullest part of your bust.

 That’s it. Super simple.

 And we’ve gone one further. We’ve made our entire ethical underwear and clothing range fluid fit, which means that you can comfortably size up or down depending on how you want to feel in your clothes. Fancy a bit more wiggle room? Go one size up. Need a little extra hold? Size down. 

‘Feel’ is a really important word for us. It should be about how you want your clothes to make you feel, not how you want them to fit you. Aren’t we all a lot happier and more confident when we’re wearing something that feels great on our bodies? Well, that’s what the Peachaus Simple Fit is all about.

Check out our size guide.

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