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Our hearts are in it: Meet the Peachaus team

Our hearts are in it: Meet the Peachaus team
“The right people seem to have just come to me. I asked for them, and there they were.” - Gilly has said of finding her Peachaus team.

We were brought together from all walks and stages of life, but the one thing we all share is the hope that we can build a brighter future and a seemingly unending supply of enthusiasm to catalyse change. 

We’ll be giving you a window into each of the team and our personal passions as we grow. But, for now, we asked each of our Peachaus People to muse on the subject of hope and why being part of Peachaus fills us with optimism. 

Gilly - Founder

Hope gives me the belief that, even in my darkest moments, things are temporary. That there’s sunshine behind the clouds and that the challenges I face are part of a bigger plan, one that will lead me to grow and show me my purpose.  

Peachaus, from the moment the seed was planted in 2016 has given me joy and optimism. While creating Pinterest boards and immersing myself in the spirit of the brand, I always felt a warm, happy feeling. I knew it would one day come to life when the time was right. And, when the real work began last year, I realised Peachaus would become a wonderful place of healing collaboration and togetherness. My intuition proved right, and the unity I’ve felt with everyone who has touched the brand since then has given me such hope that we can create the positive change we all need.  


Sophie M – Design Director

In the crazy fast-paced world in which we now live, where the future is uncertain, simple thoughtfulness gives me hope. I respect and am so inspired by people who, despite the adversities they might face in their own lives, have the time to be kind, considerate and empathetic toward their fellow humans. For me, this is the foundation from which we can build a better future, and it fills me with optimism. 

Peachaus is a place where everyone is treated with respect and appreciated for what they bring to the table. We’re developing a culture of collaboration that celebrates creativity. We’re engaging and mentoring young talent instead of taking advantage of it. I haven’t seen this, to this degree, anywhere else. This makes me feel hugely hopeful that we can really change this industry for the better by focusing on helping people grow, not crushing their spirit. 


Sarah - Commercial & Ops Director

I have always had a positive approach to life, and I believe that we make our own luck. If something isn’t working, I’ll change it—without regret—go on with living and then take time to reflect on the choices I’ve made. That, for me, is living positively. In 2007, my husband and I decided to leave our jobs and our home in London to travel to New Zealand and Australia before starting a new chapter in Devon. This newness gave me a real sense of hope. So, every year, I make sure I experience new things, especially when it comes to creativity and improving my artistic skills. And I’m also mindful of checking in with family, friends and neighbours to share in their challenges. Support and connection are important to me. 

Since joining Peachaus, I’ve been able to share a lot of knowledge about building a successful business. I’m helping to set the team up to thrive by being observant, staying calm and offering support while also making sure we stay firmly on track. We’re creating a space where individuals can grow and learn new skills. This makes me feel incredibly hopeful.  


Aaron – Head of E-Commerce

For me, hope and belief run pretty deep. I feel that believing in something is the seed that makes things happen in life. If I don't have hope, then it means that I'm just accepting life for what it is instead of being able to influence things for the better.  When times are tough, I try to stay positive. Ultimately, it’s that hope that gives me motivation, purpose and conviction to actually get up and do something. 

Peachaus is just so genuine. We’re all focused on how we can spread joy and positivity in the world. And we have tangible examples of how we’re doing this, be it sustainable practices, Gilly’s Creative Mentor Network programme, the stories we’re going to tell through Peachaus Life, and so on. So, it's not just hyperbole. We’re taking action. Before I worked for Peachaus, I’d endured some pretty negative work experiences that left me really disheartened. Peachaus has completely changed my perspective on that. I’ve never felt more optimistic or motivated. I’m blessed to be part of such a talented and forward-thinking team that I genuinely love and trust, where everyone has a voice. Who knows where we can go from here! 


Lucy – Junior Designer

I feel hopeful when I think of people being comfortable and thriving as their true, honest selves, working towards their passions and using their gifts and talents. Seeing my friends and family have the confidence to be truly individual makes me feel really positive. Every human is different, and for a person to have the courage to try to be the best version of themselves, using their uniqueness to benefit the world around them, makes me have hope in humanity.  

Peachaus has allowed me to embody a lot of what I’ve just said. And I’m not quite there yet, but to be able to learn and to be open-minded about the possibilities of exploring where hope can lead us as a brand is a real blessing. Peachaus is about growth, journeying towards confidence and finding true artists and creatives in their prime. This talent is then met with encouragement and enthusiasm, which allows these individuals to really feel hopeful for their future—one that allows them to live their own truth. To share this with our Peachaus community and for them to become part of the story is then an added bonus!  


Sophie S - Head of Content

I’ve surprised myself in life with my own will to make change happen. To bring newness into a place of stagnation or negativity and change the context of an experience so that it becomes something beautiful. So, people’s strength of will gives me hope. I think that to do something, however small, is an act of forward momentum. It’s an act of optimism. Often, if you can just clear a bit of space in your head, you can find beauty in the world, even in moments of struggle. And, for me, walking in nature—or even in the city—gives me time to take that pause. When you’re able to open yourself up a bit more, you notice things. A smile from a stranger that makes you remember how powerful even the smallest and most fleeting human connection can be. 

Peachaus is an optimistic space for me because it’s a platform for human connection, and there’s so much strength in that. It’s a place to tell stories that shine a positive light on the world and illuminate beauty in the process instead of focusing on the negatives. And it’s a space for personal and collective growth. And growth, for me, always carries hope.  


Karen Mason - Creative Beauty Consultant

I believe that hope is the key ingredient in creating a robust and resilient life that can transcend the inevitable difficulties we encounter as humans. The changing seasons—winter flowing into spring—brings me a feeling of hope and the possibility of renewal. Music, art and the different perspectives of great thinkers and philosophers also inspire hope in my life. I study Buddhist teacher, Daisaku Ikeda, who says, “Hope is life’s greatest treasure. A life without hope is bleak and grey. If you have no hope, create some.” Deciding to be hopeful in situations can create the springboard for positive change, and I have personally experienced this in my day-to-day life. And, also, understanding that we can’t change what has happened before but we can create our own future, one step at a time, fills me with optimism.

Being part of the Peachaus family and working with a plethora of talented individuals is inspiring for me as it offers an opportunity to create an inclusive and kind culture from the top down. We’re making stunningly beautiful products with a huge amount of consideration, asking questions, seeking discoveries and working cross-generationally and cross-culturally. I believe that this will create the strength, warp and weft that will build a forward-focused and daring brand that will be relevant for years to come. As a mature woman, I love working alongside young people. And this fresh energy and exchange of ideas and experiences sits at the core of Peachaus.  


Haylee - Social Media Manager

So much of what is wrong with our world is rooted in the erosion of hope. Homelessness, environmental disasters, poverty and oppression feel like monumental obstacles—as if any attempt to resolve them would be futile. Simply by having hope, we empower ourselves to be able to take action. I believe in having hope because it is our only choice when facing the issues we have to change. And this belief itself can be all it takes for us to shift our mindset towards hope. 

Peachaus operates on boundless optimism that is infectious. Being a part of it reminds me just how many people there are in the world who want to make a positive impact. Everything we’re doing is with a hopeful vision for the world, which very much awakens my belief in a better future for all.  


Amy - Product Developer

Hope is the thing that can lead us to a better future. It brings positivity and brightness to our present. It gives us something to aim for and believe in. For me, being outdoors brings hope. Nature always improves my mindset. I love my garden, and planting bulbs at the end of autumn is the best example of hope I can think of. The promise of spring, colour and longer days. 

Peachaus is a world of lightness and energy that we’re creating through positivity and consideration. We consider the origins of every garment; who made it, what it’s made of, where it’s made. Thinking in this way means we can affect other people’s lives for the better, as well as protect our planet and hopefully move mindsets away from fast fashion and towards long-lasting, quality garments that make people feel good—in every respect—and therefore more hopeful. 


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