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Peachaus Life: Transformation

Peachaus Life: Transformation
Summer’s long, warm days set the stage for a more relaxed and playful mood. Warm bodies and sunny minds go hand in hand, and there’s a shift in energy—like a deep breath and a lovely, long, exhale.

All the rushing around of winter and the frenzy of new activity in spring give way to slower days spent in the park or by the sea, sun on our faces and the smell of salt and barbeque smoke in our hair. We’re transformed, like plants and animals are, by the longer, lighter days. We open up.  

So, we’re moving into that energy this month. Forget the summer body, we’re all about the summer mind and exploring what makes us feel good. So, we’re tapping into the rejuvenating power of green spaces as we bring some [verdant greens] and [tropical prints] into the collection. We celebrate the year’s midway point and longest day by pondering on Solstice and its origins. And we also mark the month of Pride with some positive coming out stories that speak to the power of becoming who you really are.  

We’re also introducing Peachaus Kitchen this month; a new regular recipe segment full of plant-based goodness to help you feel energised and happy throughout these golden months.  

So, slow things down a little, settle into your new rhythm and enjoy the transformative effect of the sun. 

Sophie x 

Peachaus Life   

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