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Brave, Bold and Bright: The Peachaus Palette

Brave, Bold and Bright: The Peachaus Palette
Design Director Sophie Morganthaler talks about the inspiration behind Peachaus’ punchy use of colour, and why colour is so important in striking the right mood.
Peachaus’ colour choices are bold! What made you choose to go bright, when neutrals are a safe bet?

Peachaus is about positivity and creativity. Colour plays such an important role in both. Colour is emotional and carries deep meaning, on an individual and cultural level. I chose this palette because it’s optimistic, feminine and each colour is symbolic in its own way. It’s true the market has been very neutral over the last few years, especially in underwear, but we wanted to be a bit braver and more joyful.  

Why do you think that, now more than ever, it's important to inject a bit of colour into our lives?

Because the world has become increasingly uncertain. Colour is therapeutic, it lifts the spirit, and has depth of meaning. It can be healing, too.

Peach and its various tones are obviously a core Peachaus colour, but what is it about this shade that speaks to you and the brand?

Peach is soft, feminine, warm and sensual. And it complements all skin tones, which is something that’s really important to us. We use peach blossom as a motif throughout our launch prints and branding artwork, and, of course, the peach was integral to our name.

How can we expect the Peachaus palette to evolve as we move through the seasons?

We will be continuing to explore colour and be brave with our offer. Our palettes layer onto each other and don’t jar, which is very intentional. We don’t want anything to become dated, and we don’t follow colour trends. Instead, we choose our palettes based on what simply feels right and what excites us as a creative team. 

What's your favourite colour, and why are you drawn to it?  

My favourite colour is any shade that falls between green and blue. Aqua, turquoise, teal; I like to surround myself in these tones. I live by the sea and there is nothing more healing and happiness-inspiring than walking along a turquoise shoreline with the sun twinkling on the surface. I’m drawn to these tones because they are calming, ethereal and uplifting. I’m not sure what that says about me, but as I’m not the calmest of people, maybe they offer me a sort of personal therapy.

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