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About Peachaus

A few years ago, whilst living out in Australia, we found ourselves puzzling over something: “Why is it so hard to find ethical and sustainable underwear and lifestyle products that are also gorgeous, delicate, supportive, and comfy? It can’t be that difficult, can it?

Well, truth be told, you have to put in the legwork to build a brand that’s humanly and environmentally responsible and also makes beautiful products you never want to take off. But we had the passion to do it, and we saw a big gap in the market for sustainable and ethically made underwear and clothing that looks great and feels incredible.    

So, here we are! We’ve committed to making everyday beautiful products that are long-lived, versatile, considered and underlined by creative collaboration. Clothes that are made in the right way that you can really live in and love for longer.

Once you try them on, you’ll know what we mean.

Our mission

We’re not stopping there, though. We have a much bigger ambition; to leave a positive imprint on the world. With the right caretakers, the fashion industry can be a space full of humanity and hope. That’s why we’re putting people and the planet back at the heart of what we do. We’re creating a platform that celebrates connection, forging purposeful collaborations between our team, our ethical makers, our creative network and our customers—our people. And we’re mentoring, empowering and supporting future talent and others who need a helping hand because that’s how we can ignite the power of we.

And we’re only just getting started!

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