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Peachaus - Naked Talks

What is naked talks?

Peachaus aims to empower, to help women feel comfortable in their own skin and have the courage to be themselves in their everyday, every day. 

Knowing that 3/4 of people are scared of public speaking, Peachaus took the advice “imagine your audience in their underwear” to the next level. Inviting 40 almost naked audience members to support 4 speakers rehearse an upcoming speech. 

This event was all about helping women build up the courage to brave those uncomfortable situations they face and ‘Find their comfort zone’.

Meet the founder

Gillian Ridley Whittle tells us all about Naked Talks.

At the heart of the Peachaus Naked Talks is the real life demonstration of people having the courage to be themselves, to be entirely comfortable in their own skin." says Gillian. “The film is about finding your comfort zone, that space where you feel safe, secure and confident, that allows every individual's brilliance to shine.

We aimed to capture the essence of Peachaus: clothing to help women have the courage to be themselves in their everyday, every day.

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I really like the cut of these knickers, they're very flattering. And the material is gorgeous. It's so light and delicate and it's recycled apparently!


This bralette is amazingly comfortable, super soft, light with pretty little details. Just gorgeous

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